Dongchimi: Recipe, Noodles, Broth and more


Dongchimi is a type of kimchi made with Korean radish, napa cabbage, scallions, pickled green chilli, ginger, Korean pear, and watery brine in Korean cuisine. The name dong (hangul: 동; hanja: 冬; literally “winter”) and chimi (hangul: 치미, an old word for kimchi) mean that this kimchi is usually consumed during the winter season. Dongchimi … Read more

Jjim: Recipe, Instant Pot, Calories


Galbi jjim is a famous Korean meal prepared by braising beef short ribs until the flesh falls off the bones. “Galbi” means ribs, while “jjim” refers to the process of steaming or boiling meat (similar to a stew). You’ll enjoy eating braised meats since they are always tender and melt in your mouth. It’s the … Read more

Padak – A Crispy Fried Chicken Delight


A few years ago, this recipe became so popular in Korea that almost every chicken restaurant included it on their menu. It’s known as Pa-dak in Korean! Double-frying chicken to get an extra crispy skin is called padak. Also, it has finely sliced spring onions on top, and a sweet-tangy Asian sauce coats it. Thus, … Read more

Marinated Crab – An Authentic Korean Delicacy

Marinated Crab

When it comes to seafood treats, marinated crabs are a hidden gem that teases taste buds and offers a culinary adventure like no other. This savoury treat, deeply rooted in various coastal cuisines, transforms the yummy crab into a mix of flavours through the art of marination. Marinated crabs, also familiar as “gejang” in Korea … Read more

Soy Pickled – A Delight To Your Taste Buds

Soy Pickled

Does anyone want to taste some salty, sweet, spicy, and crunchy Korean pickles? Pickling is a food preservation method with variations in methods and flavourings among civilizations. Thus, pickled vegetables in soy sauce are quite famous in Korea. Thus, you can quickly pickle any vegetable with this three-ingredient brine made of soy sauce, vinegar, and … Read more

Seolleongtang: Recipe, Calories, Noodles


Seolleongtang, or Korean Ox bone soup, is a nutritious meal made from ox bones. It is a common dish in Korean cooking, however it is not typically prepared at home. Good Korean Ox Bone Soup takes HOURS to make. Families frequently eat this dish at restaurants . That is why it is rarely made at … Read more

Shrimp Toast Recipe: Easy, Air Fryer, Chinese

Shrimp Toast Recipe

Shrimp toasts recipe is created with fresh chopped shrimp, onion, celery, and garlic nestled in a creamy sauce of cream cheese, Parmesan, and Fontina cheese with a dash of Cajun flavour. Shrimp toast recipe has a poor reputation for being greasy, but when made at home, it’s a nicely crispy and tasty Chinese appetiser that’s … Read more

Soy Garlic Chicken: Easy, Korean, Honey and More

A flavorful and simple recipe is soy Garlic sauce chicken. This amazing recipe takes only a few minutes to create, so you can always make it when you don’t feel like cooking. This meal is full of flavor and a great recipe for everyone who enjoys chicken. Juicy and tender chicken bits are maintained. This … Read more

Soy Sauce Eggs: Recipe, Korean, Japanese and More

Soy Sauce Eggs

Soft-boiled, peeled, and marinated in a seasoned, sweetened soy sauce, soy sauce eggs acquire a coffee-brown color and a flavorful infusion of salty, somewhat sweet, garlicky, and ginger. There are several variations on how to prepare soy sauce eggs; some call for soft-boiling the eggs and then braising them in soy sauce; however, this results … Read more